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Lubinu Solution

We are helping our clients to solve their problems using cutting-edge technology and respecting high-quality standards of our products and services.

Our Services

What We Do

Let us solve your problems

Branding Strategy

Lubinu Solution creates the combined components of your company's character that makes it identifiable

Web Design

Lubinu Solution is making difference in the world of web

E-Commerce Solutions

Sell your products to other businesses or directly to your customers

Graphic Design

Communicate with your customers and business partners visually. Create great first impression and make it last

UI/UX Design

We are creating great user-experience for your applications that is followed by beautiful user-interface design

Web Applications

Achieve your goals faster, and make your life simpler just by using web applications for your business


Our marketing team will help you to maintain long-lasting and ever-present relationships with your audience

Desktop Applications

Desktop solutions for your business


The Agile Approach

Why choose Lubinu Solution?

We always adhere to the Manifesto for Agile Software Development which stresses the importance of individuals and interactions, of collaboration, responding to change and producing working software that has value for your business.

We are remote capable

We have developed and honed the capability to run all project practices, such as Project Retrospective, Lightning Decision Jam or even a complete Design Sprint, in full remote mode. We are skilled in using online tools including Miro or Parabol, which support us in effectively conducting such events in geographically distributed teams.

We developed our culture at Lubinu Solution with a remote-first approach in mind. Our team members naturally and effectively communicate and collaborate in projects using tools such as Slack, Google Meet, Zoom, Jira and Confluence. We are also able to recruit top talent from all parts of the country and build high performing project teams.



Before we create any portal, we make careful note of your objectives and exact specifications regarding scale, design, features, UX, payment gateways, and other useful details. This blueprint allows DevTechnosys to create a portal that’s optimized for success and uniquely targets your customers, thus vastly increasing your revenue potential while bringing down costs due to inefficiencies.